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Trey is a fourth-generation racecar driver who grew up on the dirt track and has been strapping in behind the wheel since the ripe age of nine years old. With a great grandfather who built some of the first Indy Roadsters, and a father and grandfather with more than 70 years of combined expertise, they have paved the way to help propel Trey to a level of success that allows him to compete against drivers beyond his years. He began racing against adults at age 11 and went on to win the 2019 IMCA National Sprint Car Rookie of the Year at age 14 – the youngest to ever win this honor.
Trey Burke
Trey is a young and fresh racedriver with the grit and commitment to reach excellence behind the wheel. His knowledge of the sport far exceeds his age, and he lives a complete lifestyle of racing all year long. He has grown up spending holidays, birthdays, and countless weekends at the track with his family and when he’s not at school, he’s training for the next race. This passion and loyalty to the race combined with his downhome roots and authenticity make Trey an exciting driver to follow. The colors in Trey’s logo of red, black, and off-white signify intensity and fire, and scream passion, energy, love, desire, and determination - all things that represent Trey and his values.
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Back in the cheese state for our next pavement race at Madison International Raceway for the next round of Silver Crown racing. Super pumped to be back on the asphalt. Let’s see what we can do. 👊
Not the weekend we wanted at Port Royal this past Saturday evening. With a somewhat major misunderstanding between the officials and us, (and multiple other teams) we were disqualified after putting the car 8th in our run. This led us to start at the back of the B as seen in the video here. Luckily our car was good enough to finish 3rd and start 19th in the A. Although the track was really locked down we were able to move up 5 spots finishing 14th. We are also now 10th in points heading into Madison tomorrow. Thanks to everyone for all the support. Let’s keep the ball rolling.
Race day in PA. Ready to rip at another dirt track this weekend. Excited to be back at this track after a strong showing last year. Huge thanks to everyone for helping make this happen 👊.
Looking to finish off a long and tough week tonight with the Little 500. We start 25th tonight, and we’re hoping for some good luck all night. Big thanks to everyone who’s helped make this possible.
It’s been a very busy week for us. Between the sprint car and the silver crown car, we’ve qualified for the little 500 and will run Carb Night later this evening. Can’t wait to get after it.
Time for one big left turn. We had a good day of practice yesterday. Ready to stand on it today
HUGE high banks guy today. Ready to get after it with @legacyautosport and @robertwilsonracing
After a long few months of waiting, the first race is here. Today we drive in circles at Toledo Speedway for Legacy Autosport in the season opener.
Finally, the 2024 season is here. This is a list of all the confirmed races we have this year. However, if you’d like to help a brother out and help us do more races shoot me a DM👀
That’s wraps on another successful year. We were able to hop in 7 different cars this season. I’m beyond thankful for all the opportunities and cars I’ve been blessed to drive in 2023.
Tomorrow it happens! I can’t wait to get on track for the first annual Open Wheel Showdown running the number 24T for Jimmy Waters. This should be a great experience in another new car for me. I cannot thank Rick and Ashley at RFL Facility Solutions enough, as well as the wings and wheels foundation for helping me get out on track.
This post is a little overdo, but the USAC Silver Crown season has finally come to an end. It’s been an awesome year being able to race at so many different tracks and gain so much more experience. We finished 10th in the standings even though we had quite a few DNF’s, but that’s racing. I cannot thank Davey Hamilton and his crew enough for helping me get through my rookie year.
Running 2 classes this weekend at IRP. It’s also the final silver crown race. Hopefully we can keep ourselves within the top 10 in points.
Excited to announce I’ll be making my pavement sprint car debut this weekend with the 500 Sprint Car Tour at Anderson. Big thanks to Tom Brewer for giving me this opportunity.
Final dirt race of the season. Hopefully we can finally snag a top 5.
Gateway onboards never fail to disappoint.
Gateway onboards never fail to disappoint.
Final dirt mile of the year. Let’s see if we can finally snag that top 5 finish😏
Finally. Not only did we have another top 10 finish, but just barely missed out on our first top 5. After having troubles in my normal 11 car, Davey Hamilton Sr. let me hop in his ride to not only practice in but also qualify in. During my first laps at the track in a crown car we were able to snag a P11 starting spot. After working our way up to 4th a late race restart would bump us down to 6th where we would finish. I can’t thank the entire crew enough for giving me a bad fast car all day. We’re back at it again this weekend on dirt to try and finally get us a top 5 finish.
Gateway time. 😏
It’s mile time. Finally back on dirt to open up the second half of the silver crown season. We’re up bright and early tomorrow morning to hit the track and see what we can do.
Race day in Toledo tonight. Staying on pavement once again. Hopefully we can keep everything together and have a strong finish.
Here’s a little on board video from Winchester in the Crown car. Unfortunate ending to our race with the fuel tank being punctured but that’s just how it goes sometimes. Toledo up next this week. Hopefully we can turn our luck around.
Well we had a super promising first half of the race here at Winchester. We started 19th and made it all the way up to 10th in just 53/100 laps. Unfortunately the left side weight jacker broke causing the fuel tank to drag busting a hole in it. Massive thanks to Davey Hamilton and everyone on the team for finding all this speed over the past few days. We’ll fix it all up and try again in a few weeks.
It’s time for the Rich Vogler Classic tonight at Winchester. Hopefully we can keep the ball rolling with good results.
Solid past weekend of racing in the sprint car on Friday and Saturday. Not quite the results we were looking for with a P5 finish at Bloomington and then a P4 finish at Circle City the next day. Still very solid for our first time at both of these tracks. Onto Winchester next in the Silver Crown car.
Big wing guy here for the next few races. Hopefully the rain stays away for tomorrow. 🙏
This Silver Crown stuff is pretty cool if anyone was wondering.
Big time pavement racing this weekend. Off to Madison International Speedway for our second pavement race on the year.
Not the weekend we wanted at Port Royal. While making steady progress we cut the RR tire on about lap thirty and it steadily went flat over the course of the last twenty laps. Unfortunately with a late race yellow with only five to go the RR let go and forced us to pull in. We still had a great weekend with tons of experience gained. Off to Wisconsin on Friday for the next pavement show.
We’re off to Port Royal for the next @usacnation silver crown event. Let’s see if we can better our Belleville finish and gain some valuable points in this championship.
There’s no other place I’d rather have ran my first crown race. 18th to 9th is pretty incredible considering the circumstances. Should’ve had 7th but we were a little unlucky with the yellows. It happens. Massive thanks to everyone who helped out. Onto IRP in a week.
No better place to make your first laps in a silver crown than at Belleville. Here’s some onboard from the last session from practice night.
Yea I went to prom. Only took me 4 years to find the right person to go with.
Rounds 1 and 2 of the @usfprochampionships at St. Pete are wrapped up and we definitely had a good weekend. From not even being in the car until the Sebring open test, to running in the Top 10 every session. I’d say we made huge progress. We finished P7 in race one, and P6 in race two after starting in P15. The @futurestarracing crew worked extremely hard everyday (and some nights) to make sure everything was perfect. I can’t thank everyone enough for all the hard work. Thanks again everyone for making this possible.
treyburke63 Spring Training is in the books and we’re right where we need to be. Super happy with all the hard work the team has put in, especially considering the first session was my first time in the car. Off to the streets of St. Pete for the first round.
Finally our turn to head on down to Tulsa for indoor SZN. Our Prelim night is on Tuesday so we’ll see what we can do. Big thanks to the Sarff family for bringing us along👊🏻
Little behind the scenes of some new stuff coming soon🤫
I’d rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I’m not.
New year. New helmet. @dougcanham did what he does best and gave us this beautiful design ...
Just some old Tulsa shootout pics featuring the goat himself (Ron). And yes my front bumper is ...
3 nights of racing>1 night of Hoco
Very productive day today at @pitfitinc
Ron, Ron, and Ron.
We go to Top Golf and Layton shows us the make shift go pro. @layton.thacker @karsten_quinton ...
@pitfitinc always has me doing something new every day. Today was definitely one of the more fun ...
Well….. My first IndyPro2000 race is in the books, and it went really well. @turn3motorsport ...
“If a man does not have sauce, then he is lost. But the same man can get lost in the sauce.” ...
Our first @nascar_trucks race ended sooner than we wanted. We had a rear gear problem before the ...
Race day is finally upon us. We are starting P18 out of a 36 car field. I can’t thank the ...
She’s got stickers!! The @youngsmotorsports #20 is all ready to go for this weekend of racing ...